Monday, October 27, 2008

I have Just Been Lazy....

I sure hope some of you are still tuned in, even though it has been a long while since I posted. I have been going to the mountains on the weekends and working hard during the week.

I have been moving full steam ahead on several projects these past few weeks. The '79 Argosy was in need of a new door lock and latch. This hasn't been available for a few years now. I found enough of the parts (3 locks) in pieces to fix my lock. I am going to leave the hasp on the trailer. It's cheap insurance to keep the suicide door closed for now.

I also had the rear twin beds recovered in a nice upholstery fabric. The Airfoam mattresses really look good now.

The propane tanks on this Argosy had older valves and needed updating. I installed some temporary steel tanks to check out the operation of the appliances. So far, the oven and range are good, the fridge cools properly, and the water heater works as it should. (It is a new replacement Atwood) I have some touch-ups to do in the paint on the body. Also, after I install the hitch jack, I'll repaint the A-frame and install the new aluminum propane tanks. Ivory gloss is a good touch up in a spray can. It matches the original Argosy paint well enough that you would hardly notice the subtle shade differences.

Thanks for checking in on me,