Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shiny Experiment

I have never polished one of these AlClad beauties before. I know that a lot of dedication and time are required. This post is made in respect and reverence to all who have polished before me.

(Bottom pic) Notice the street side view of the trailer, directly above the wheel well. There is a rusty door catch that caused a rust streak down the side of the trailer. Middle picture, shows an improvement in shine, but really did nothing for the stubborn rust stain. Top pic, shows a reflection of an up close dandelion, and another trailer in the yard in the background.

I found some "stuff", looks like a paste wax. I wet the sponge and rubbed for a few (about 3) minutes, rinsed, and dried with a soft cloth. The reflection was unbelievable. I do know this is a small area. Further testing to come.