Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Springstream in Georgia '08

The rally in GA is over now. I didn't arrive on schedule, as life does get in the way. I traveled on Friday evening with thunder, rain, lightning, and wind on the trip. Arrived at the campground around 11 PM. I missed the brunch on Saturday because of other visiting obligations. The afternoon tour of homes was excellent. A few never before seen trailers were there. My little Caravel did great in it's "maiden voyage." It's first voyage was many years ago. It is a 1971, however, it had been sitting for quite a while.
The potluck meal brought out the best food (as usual.) We have some very talented cooks in our group. After the meal, I snuck off quickly to attend "The Banker's Hour." It is a showcase of banking employees from a local community bank that has grown to several states. There is singing, comedy, and skits. The format is much akin to the old Hee Haw variety show. The last half of the show had a gospel/religious side. IT WAS GREAT !! (and free) I'll be making plans to attend next year as well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Caravel Progress

Worked a while yesterday and today repairing the exterior 12 volt lights on the trailer. The lights had lost their ground in most cases. I installed all new clearance and running lights for the Caravel. Then as a kicker, I added 2 LED's for the stop and turn. These sure are bright. I used some "engineering" to rig these lights into place, but they sure look good.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Almost a Week of Rain

Don't get me wrong, we NEEDED the rain here, but it slows down preparations for the upcoming Springstream forums rally in Hiawassee, GA.
I towed the Caravel out of it's parking spot to check a few things and to give it some attention. I had purchased a new solar rock guard for the front window. It should be easy enough to remove the old and replace with a new one, right? I cleaned the track where the new guard will attach and noticed that it needed to be resealed. So, I attempted to remove the old, 1971 vintage steel screws that held the track in place. The screws either stripped out in the head, or broke clean off in the body. Also, broke a phillips head bit off in a screw head. (aaaarrruggghhh) A trip or two to the hardware store, got me just a few of the things I needed. (Yes, It's difficult to work when my supplier is closed.) At least the weather forecast for the week is improving. Tomorrow's another day.