Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Saddest Part

I went to central South Carolina to look at a $1000 Airstream today. From the phone conversation with the lady, I didn't get my hopes up too much. It was a trailer, left on their property, by a deer hunter, now deceased. It is a 1952-54, possibly a Cruiser, 13 panels and all. The windows are in good shape, so are the 13 panels, both front and rear. The door and inner door are both in good shape. It is a front kitchen model, front streetside corner toilet. The dinette booth is across from the entrance door and the furnace is just to the left inside the door. The entrance door is NON-suicide, meaning that it is hinged on the right. With all this "good" going for it, I didn't buy it.
The rear area over the back bumper had a storage hatch. It had been removed along with the rear window. The panel had also been CUT to allow a chest freezer to be put inside to keep the DEER MEAT in.
The current owner is a taxidermist. I was invited into his home to avoid the thunderstorm that arrived shortly after I got there. (reason there are no pictures) In his living room, up on the console stereo, was his faithful dog, full sized, stuffed, with paw in air looking like Lassie. What more can I say? That glassy eyed stare gets me every time..........Later, Kevin

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VAC Virginia Rally is History

I arrived at the Virginia Shenandoah Valley KOA Campground on Thursday evening 6-19-08. It was nearing 10 PM when I got to my campsite, but many people were gathered around various campfires in our area. The park is beautiful. The sites are shady and the weather was cool, perfect for open window nights and warm fires outside. The amenities at the park were nice too, pool, mini golf, hot tub, fishing lake, river tubing all added to a restful weekend.

I made many new friends at this rally. Many of the VAC members were from the WDCU. I hope to camp with this group again soon.

There were trailers from the 50's, 60's ( the biggest group ) and the 70's represented. By far, the most popular trailer in attendance was the Globe Trotter. It was great to see so many small AS trailers in one camp.

NOTE: Notice the NEW Carrier air conditioner on top of my Caravel. I had to be comfortable and have dependable A/C. Glad to have that unit installed now.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Armstrong AC IS Working Again

Preparing to take the Caravel to a rally this weekend, I had to get the A/C working. I have purchased a new Carrier unit and it is ready to be installed this afternoon. However, I just had to make another attempt to revive the ever faithful Summer Breeze unit by Armstrong. I read the wiring diagram, checked the wiring, and checked the thermostat. Wait......the thermostat? Yes, there was a bad connection there. The fan fired right up and the compressor came on and began cooling. Glad to have that out of the way now.
I installed the new rock guard on the front before the last trip out. It sure looks good.
I'll be meeting with my Piedmont WBCCI unit at Palmetto Cove RV Park, near Cleveland, SC. It is a beautiful park. Come camp and visit with me sometime......Kevin