Friday, August 22, 2008

A Time to Grow Up

AS many of you know, I have owned Airstream and Avion trailers for many years. I bought my first Avion and Airstream in the same year, 1981. The Avion was purchased first and was a 1969 25' model. It had a side double bed with front sofa and it was prized by me. Later that same year, I bought a 1962 24' Tradewind. It was a front gaucho trailer, with free standing table, and mid-ships gaucho with side vanity, and a rear bath. A friend at a local RV dealer located it for me. I sold the Airstream after 6 months, doubled my money, and considered it a good money making deal.

Fast forward to today, when I have owned more than 50 trailers, some Airstream, some Avion, some Shasta, Apache, Frolic, Champion, Hi-Lo, and Spartan to name a few. Way in the back, in a nice enclosed garage, I have always kept my "one special trailer". It is a 1964 Bambi II. It was on the list of things to finish one day. But, time marches on. Yes, I SOLD IT today. It can be better used by someone else. I had kept it out of the rain and weather for the past 26 years. A good body, straight lines, clean interior, and a rarity among Airstreams, NO ROT in the floor, not anywhere. The axle was shot. But it was still special. 26 years is along time to hold on to something. I had to grow up and let it go.


Anonymous said...

You sold it, I feel sad...


Lois Grebowski said...

It's like sending a kid off to college... Thanks for stopping by!

I'm so excited about the rally.

Frank Yensan said...

During the time I spent with you at the East Coast Vintage Rally, you never lead me to believe you had not grown up.
When they are sitting there and someone can pick up the ball and give the old girl some new life, well, that's a good thing. Taking care of her all these years shows a level of nurturing that takes great maturity in it's self. No hopeful her new owner shows the same respect you have had all these years.

Chuck said...

Reading your post makes me feel sad and happy at the same time. Sad that you no longer have your prized possession...Happy that someone else will be able to enjoy it.

Diane said...

I think it was very honorable to let the old gal go to a good home. You made someone else very happy!

Great to see a post from you. (Don't even look for one from me... LOL)