Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Seek and Find

I seem to really have a knack for finding the right trailers at the right prices. In this past month while my hand has been healing, I have continued to search Craigslist, my local IWANNA paper, and online ads. I have looked at a lot and did "have" to make a few purchases.

I got a 1974 Avion 28' LaGrande that needs a complete frame replacement. It was free for the "moving" and the moving wasn't free. I had a friend to move it on his Landoll trailer and it sailed home effortlessly. The body is in such great shape, I hate to make a parts trailer of it. The interior is also in great shape. It also has title. The lady had sold her property and the trailer was going to be scrapped if not moved.

I also purchased a "square" trailer. It is a 1969 Cree 17' SC (self contained) model. I dunno why. These trailers just have an attraction. (who says aluminum is not magnetic?)

The best purchase came just a two days ago. I was looking on a dealer's website, a place I seldom look. There in the pre-owned trailers listing was a 1979 Argosy 30'. I called on Monday morning to find it was still available. It had been on their lot since November and had garnered no interest. I was told that I was the first person to look at it in months. The dealer was ready to send it to the local car auction to see if it would sell. but, then I came along, made the right offer, and the rest is history.

It is a 1979 30' model with rear twin beds and dual panoramic windows. The paint is still good considering it's almost 30 years old. The original Zip Dee awning is still in good condition. It is brown and orange and looks good with the ivory trailer with the tri tone orange stripes. The Armstrong air conditioner is still there too. It was a "steal" that I really couldn't pass up. At least I know what I will be camping in this summer. Now, I gotta get back to work.

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