Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am still Alive!!!

...Just that I have not been posting much lately. With the trailers in the yard, moving them around to cut grass takes a lot of time and effort. Glad I have the grass to mow, compared to no rain and dust last season.

Last night, I parked the Caravel on the driveway. (It is behind the big Argosy) It needs a good bath so I can locate a LEAK. The leak appears to be at the Skyliner antenna.

I also parked the 30A Argosy on the driveway. It needs a few updates to make it to the next rally. I have already rebuilt the entrance door lock. The paint is going to be touched up. The A frame will be repainted, along with the shroud for the Armstrong. New aluminum propane tanks will be installed, and also a powerhitch jack. I have a new tinted rock shield for the windows. It will look like a different trailer when these improvements are made. I'll also install new tires and repack the bearings and check the brakes. It is going to be my summertime traveling trailer.

Thanks for checking in on me....Kevin


Frank Yensan said...

which one of your heard are you bringing to the VAC Rally? Hope it is your oldest....

Anonymous said...

Frank, I'd love to bring the '46 Spartan, but it's not an AS. The'56 Overlander is years away from travel (due to budget). With gas prices as they are, I may be in the '71 Caravel 18' footer.

Diane said...

I've looked at your "treasures" and I'm amazed!

I'm happy to have found your blog. It'll be fun to keep up with you again.


the byamcaravanner said...

Love that long Argosy...what a great find. Sorry I'll miss you at the East Coast VAC rally. I told Frank to say hi for me. Let me know if he forgets :-)