Saturday, December 15, 2007

Better Late Than Never

I have been visiting many blog sites over the past two years and have learned a lot from them. I hope that in some small way I can contribute my knowledge in travel trailer restoration to help others.

I have owned an Airstream trailer since 1980. I was always interested in the shiny aluminum, since I first laid my eyes on a 1958 Avion. My first Airstream purchase was aided by a friend that worked for a dealership. He had a 1962 Airstream Tradewinds to come into the lot and contacted me to see if I was interested. Needless to say, a deal was made, and I was hooked. Unfortunately, I sold that particular Airstream after 6 months, but I doubled my money on the purchase price.

My next purchase was a 1964 Bambi II. It was bought in the summer of 1982 and I STILL own it. I have been a backyard restorer since 1982. I never had the money as a young man to let the professionals do the work. I learned by working on the trailers in my spare time.

Questions and answers, I'll be glad to answer. I can talk aluminum for hours.
Later, Kevin

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