Sunday, December 23, 2007

Moving Day

I had to leave home early on this foggy and rainy Saturday. It was a 100 mile trip to pick up the Spartan in the hills of Tennessee. My best friend and business partner, Ronnie went along to assist in making the trailer towable. We arrived in Mountain City, Tennessee about 9:10 AM. The trip to the clerk of court's office was quick and I got a Bill of Sale and the title to the Spartan.
Back at the trailer, we aired up the 16 inch tires (mud tread recaps), packed the wheel bearings, added temporary lights, and secured almost everything that might move during transit. During the trip home, I stopped several times to check the bearing temps and to feel of the tires. I pulled over many more times to allow faster traffic to pass. A lunchtime stop at McDonalds produced a few lookers. One in particular was Scott from my Southeast Georgia Campers group. He owns a 1951 and a 1953 Spartan. His wife is from the NC mountain area near Banner Elk. He spotted my Spartan and turned his car around to have a closer look. We chatted for about 15 minutes and then were on our way again.
The trip home was thankfully uneventful. I attribute the good fortune to lots of prayers, careful planning, and having all the tools I can carry in the truck with me.



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