Friday, December 21, 2007

The Wild Goose Chase

1961 Airstream camper trailer, silver, lightweight, will make excellent camper for hunters, bachelors or campers. Has wheels and tires, ready to be moved. Good condition, needs a little TLC. Price negotiable.

The above ad was enough to get my heart pumping fast. (Those who know me, know I DO NOT need another project). I check my sources on a weekly basis and I knew this ad had just been posted. I phoned the number in the ad and left a message. By 6 PM, I had not been contacted, so I phoned again. I spoke to the owner's wife and arranged to see the trailer the following day. Driving up the driveway, I was disappointed to see that it wasn't an Airstream. But wait, it's a Spartan, and it's short, and the skin is in great shape, and it has the original fender (wheel) skirts, and that's just at first outside glance. (Calm down, it's NOT an Airstream). The owner showed me around the trailer, pointing out it's good features. Then we went inside. The mahogony ceiling and cabinets are still in place, some of the woodwork has been painted, but overall, a great looking trailer. The title matches the serial number, but it indicates it is a '61 model Manor. I know it is earlier, but (sigh, with silly grin), I BOUGHT IT. Now to get it home.

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